Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mobile Ramblings

Wow! I read the Engadget review of the newest iPhone and I have to say that I am duly impressed. Apple, once again, has raised the bar for all comers and will continue to do so. But as an Android Guy I am even more happy in that it will continue to be the standard to which all other mobile smartphones will be compared.

So if iPhone is the bar then Competition has to do one better. Advantage: Us. We get to choose from Apple, Android, RIM, and WinMO platform devices according to what fits our own wants and needs.

Never mind for now how the hardware and software is developed and or much developers do/don't get paid (that's for another day and another post), but consider the end product. Apple has become THE design studio for all things mobile but as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The newest crop of HTC and Motorola phones are also very elegant and industrial in their respective devices like the HD2 and Droid 1.

What I am looking for in nextgen mobile is not a desktop experience on a 4" device but rather one that seamlessly fits into my life without compromising usability and does not force me to carry around middle devices like my iPad and a netbook. Flash and HTML5 will work themselves out by natural selection but I am still trying to figure out if apps, web, or both will win and how the Cloud will play in a new world of one and two GHz mobile processors.

I predict that local apps will prevail with data and authentication to live in the Cloud and the browser will get better audio/video capabilities. Once people get their Hulu and Netflix fixes satisfied on mobile then the great debate of mobile Flash will subside and will leave Farmville as the most played game out and about.

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