Friday, January 30, 2009


Given all the recent press on our economy and the state of the state and just before the GDP numbers are revealed to abysmal results I find myself being more thankful than ever.

I not only enjoy working at Red Hat but I believe I am apart of something much bigger than myself and that is Choice. We help individuals and enterprises endeavor to have choices when it comes to software, services, and the financing of those products.

I am grateful for the support my wife and children give me when they try to speak to me during work hours not knowing that I have a wireless headset in the other ear taking making and taking calls all day. And it is great knowing that the family understands that I am working for them as much as anything else.

Even with day-to-day annoyances there is much more given to me than I am giving back. I am happy to be part of a family/community/church/country/employer where each individual can make a difference for the greater Good.

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