Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stairway to heaven

Given the dearth of new articles coming out after the new year two in particular caught my attention: Peak of the Netbook (Engadget) and Death of SOA (Google it). Here are some reasons why I believe that this is not true and why these two technologies are symbiotic.

The acronym may be dead but Service Oriented Architecture is alive and well. More and more enterprises and customer facing companies are moving their business to the web and are utilizing common messaging platforms to communicate to multiple applications, platforms, and databases. The applications are being fronted with web interfaces so that they can be formatted for the new wave of mobile internet devices (MID's) whether they be iPhones, netbooks, etc. I have before stated that the browser is our new OS and given that reason more and more data can be offloaded to the SaaS app and it keeps its state in the data center and not on your PC.

Netbooks are getting more RAM, processor speed, and hard drive space but my current Eee 701 only has a 630Mhz processor, 512MB and 4GB SSD and yet I can access any and all websites that I need for e-mail and occupational hazards. Even with these puny specs I am able to "git'er done" because the applications do not live on my PC, but live in Zimbra hosted e-mail, Salesforce.com, Facebook, Google...

So how do companies get to the data heavens? What is their stairway?
- Build an application that can be written in a web language then interconnect.
- Virtualize when you can, early and often.
- Have a common messaging bus that can communicate to all internal apps then let them talk to the internet and live on the web.
- Understand that your apps will be accessed by customers and companies who are on the go.
- Wash, rinse, and repeat.

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