Friday, September 4, 2009

Sync or swim

With apps in the cloud being all the rage right now just how feasible are applications that have zip codes in the ether? Very.

Especially, with the state of data connections, browser technology, and PC speeds. Web portals are the perfect clients for viewing and interacting with applications. And with FF3, Chrome, and Safari coming online with HTML5 and more sophisticated ways for Flash and AJAX to be viewed the time of the online application is here. Even more so with Google Gears making offline web applications possible, but I digress...

The browser is the only application that has to be opened if we could only use one for daily use. Can you get by without an e-mail client and/or an office suite? Of course. But try to go through one day without accessing any type of browser and you will quickly notice how important cloud/web/hosted apps are.

On the way to cloud nirvana like my son in the backseat always says, "Are we there yet?" Almost.....just a few more miles.

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