Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dell gets Linux!

I came across the above post when I was looking for Dell Mini 9 reviews specifically running Ubuntu Ultra Mobile Edition. I currently run UME on one of my laptops but the Dell Mini runs a customized version of the interface that proves if the GUI is slick and the OS is as stable as Windows it can have a future.

Even though Dell usually gets negative press for their support and lack of quality they deserve props for building a quality netbook with a choice between Linux and Windows.

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  1. I own a business that does nothing but installs and services Linux desktops in the home and enterprise...and yes...there is a decent living to be made from it.

    One of the things I offer is called "tuxbymail". People send me their laptops (and sometimes cpu's) and I install linux on them and send them back.

    I do it for 50 bucks.

    I do about 5 a week on this alone.

    Recently we got an Inspiron mini for a requested ubuntu install. She had ordered it with xp but after 60 days it was so ate up with viruses it just did a core memory dump and crapped on itself with a pretty blue screen and white letters.

    So much for the re-emergence of XP,

    I fought the broadcom BCM4312 chip for an hour before I did what I should have done in the first place. I installed Linux Mint on it. At 50 bucks per, I don't have hours to mess with it. Mint installed perfectly, got the resolution right the first time and although I had to alter the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa base file with one line to get sound...everything works fine.

    I understand the "proprietary is evil" philosophy of Fedora and the like but for the love of pete...Until Broadcom gets its act together and we no longer have to screw with fwcutter and the like, just offer the d***** drivers and move on.

    I hated to "move on" from the regular Ubuntu distro but when Mint and Ultimate Ubuntu offer a superior doesn't leave us in the business much choice.

    Ken Starks
    aka helios
    Helios Solutions