Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We are not being destroyed from falling bombs but by rapidly falling bonds and markets. It seems as if there is no force, coalition, or government that can correct this situation. Open source is not relevant in this matter as a development idealogy but one for transparency. Anything done in openness is inherently better and consequently side agreements and secret conversations are bourne out of hypocrisy within the context of struggles for power.

The new super powers are now truly The Super Markets on the global stage. And the more we understand that we are interconnected and interwoven than ever before we can see how complicated the problems are as civilizations and not just individual countries.

Open source and Globalization are the two newest 800 pound gorillas in the room.

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  1. Sam,

    I saw you made a post on using your iphone with tmobile. I am thinking of doing the same. One question I had is will my iphone on tmobile be able to sync with exchange? please email me at jsrosen at yahoo. Thank you.

    Your post was as follows:

    Sam Herren Says:
    August 28th, 2008 at 5:28 am
    Tried this method yesterday w/ held breath and crossed fingers. I too, have a ZiPhone’d unit w/ 1.1.4 unlocked to T-Mobile. I read and re-read this post to make sure that I did everything right and voila it worked. Everything written above is all you need in order to keep your jail-broken and unlocked iPhone the same just w/ 2.0.1 when it reboots. It will take a while so don’t stop anything or unplug it from iTunes. I have been playing w/ AppStore for the past day and must admit it has more value than I first expected, but the real reason I took the plunge was for the Cisco IPSEC VPN that 2.0 promised. It’s a little hit and miss but between our webmail interface and the Exchange sync’ing it’s a lot better than carrying around an iPhone that can’t help me w/ my work.

    Actually, after getting all of this done I put my T-Mobile SIM back in my BlackBerry Curve and have relegated the iPhone to e-mail and web duty. The reasons are thesej: my Curve can hold IM conversations in the background while making/taking phone calls, the iPhone VPN cannot connect over EDGE/3G therefore making it useless for corporate e-mail unless on WiFi, and the Curve is superior in keeping a good signal for phone calls. My iPhone drops calls in the same places where the BlackBerry is showing half to full signal strength.

    If you are wondering whether you need to upgrade to 2.0 I wouldn’t bother unless you need the VPN. There are a lot of small improvements but all of the good jailbroken apps that were in Installer on 1.1.4 are gone and have not been ported to 2.0.