Monday, February 25, 2008

Modernity is good

It is 10:25 pm and I am in our kid's school parking lot waiting for my oldest daughter to get back from playing an away softball game. I am listening to the newest Crackberry podcast on my iPod and uploading this blog on my BlackBerry. I worked from a hair salon this afternoon on free WiFi whilst my wife had her hair cut. With power cords, Bluetooth and WiFi devices in tow I carry batteries to back up batteries.

Today's technology is a godsend in the way it can make us all more productive (or at least look like it). I assume if am doing all I am to do more I also wonder what my customers are doing with JBoss, RHEL, and other open source software they are rolling on their own. IT departments are doing more today in order to stay ahead and make profits versus spending them.

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